CannabCo, Phoenix & Purecann

Welcome to the CannabCo family. CannabCo is Canadian cannabis company, that focuses on producing high end products through innovative technology. Both the Phoenix and Purecann are technology systems that are used to produce larger yields, and the markets first odourless cannabis.
Tasked with creating the logo, tagline and branding for the CannabCo company, we then moved to creating the sub brands for Phoenix and Purecann. Both tie back to the parent brand, while remaining distinct with their look and feel.

Client CannabCo Role Designer | Art Director Year 2020 - Present

cannabco logo


phoenix logo


purecann logo


CannabCo logo and slogan CannabCo color
cannabco process
phoenix logo and slogan phoenix color
phoenix process
purecann logo and slogan purecann color
purecann process