Within a creative team I help produced a multichannel marketing campaign for Bravecto's "It's a Perfect Match, Made to Last". With the goal of brand awareness and product education this campaign ran for 30 days as a 30-second YouTube commercial, alongside a series of 6-second bumper ads, a Spotify ad, radio spot, display banners, emails and transport shelter print placements. As the Art Director I lead the team in creating the concept, over looked all visual components, worked closely with writters, voice actors, a video production studio, acting talent, and took on the role as UI designer for the APP itself.

Client Bravecto Canada Role Art Director Year 2020

Bravecto. It's a Perfect Match made to last.

Email Marketing

Bravecto emails
Bravecto Transite but shelter poster
dog with headphones around neck
Bravecto's Radio AD
"It's a Perfect Match, Made to Last"
Behind the scenes shooting of Bravecto video, along with the Bravecto Pack shots.